Meet The ReaXtion Band

Years Of Professional Experience Come Together For The Love Of Music
We Make Your Affair An Occasion To Remember

An entertainer's entertainer, Rob knows how to connect with an audience and get them up on the dance floor. His smooth vocals and impeccable timing give the ReaXtion Band its polished sound.

Annmarie will put a smile on your face and pep in your step once you hear her resounding renditions of your favorite tunes.

With a bluesman's sensibility and a scintillating tone, Tom rounds out the band's sound with melody and rhythm plucked from paradise.

The sculptor of sounds, Johnny Z punctiliously plays the parts that make the band sound like the records back in the day.

King Of Bass and Emperor Of Ice Cream, Carvel will marvel you with his mellifluous flavors and galvanizing groove. 

The drummer that sings, or the singer that drums - either accolade accurately defines David's adroit addition to the band.

With hands and skins, Mike punctuates the performance with a passionate pulse that makes you want to dance.

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